The Shire of River's Bend has two fellowships that can be awarded.

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Fellowship of the Cattail

The Cattail is a Shire honor given to individual Shire members in recognition of their continuous and outstanding service to the Shire of River's Bend.

The Fellowship of the Cattail is organized in three levels.  The First Level is the level at which new Companions enter the Fellowship.  The Third Level is the highest, and exemplifies the continuous service provided to the shire by the Companions of that level.

The sole qualification for admission to the Fellowship of the Cattail is steady and exceptional service to the Shire of River's Bend by a member of the Shire over a specified period of time. All Companions of the Cattail are considered to be equal.  The advanced levels of the honor are given for longevity of service, and do not to imply that the quality of service was higher.

Fellowship of the Otter


The Fellowship of the Otter is given to Shire members for their excellent work in the Arts and Sciences.


The holders of the Fellowship of the Otter will select a Secretary. The Secretary will receive the nominations and begin the selection process by setting up a meeting of the Fellowship and the Seneschal.

Anyone can nominate a member to receive the Fellowship of the Otter.

The recipients of the Fellowship of the Otter are selected by a vote of the  holders of the Fellowship of the Otter and the Seneschal.  To be selected, they must receive at least 75% of the vote.

The honor will be given out at the next Shire event after the vote, if at all possible.