Shire of River's Bend

What's Happening in River's Bend?
We welcome you to the Shire of River's Bend.

Our borders currently lie in the Counties of Cowlitz and Wahkiakum. The Shire has 3 regular events in the year. We also have periodic Thrown Weapons and Archery Practices and a Scribal group that meets every week.

Frequently, we have sewing days to encourage each other to get those projects done that are lurking in our homes. We help each other and encourage new-to-sewing gentles to catch the costuming bug.

We have Heralds to help you with your name and device, Thrown Weapons and Heavy and Rapier Fighters who would love to encourage you in those areas.

If you have an interest or a skill that has not been mentioned, please contact us so that we may help connect you with gentles of like interest. We here all love the SCA and the Middle Ages and want to share that love with others. We are like family and we genuinely feel that the Shire of River's Bend is the Greatest Shire in the Kingdom, nay the Knowne World!

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The Shire of River's Bend is proudly located in the
Kingdom of An Tir.
The Shire of River's Bend is proudly located in the
Kingdom of An Tir.
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